Badfinger Doc 1 of 6

Griffiths later said in a Mojo magazine interview: "The ultimate goal was to get a recording contract, but to get one from Apple was really exciting. Yet we were still living at Golders Green, getting £8 a week each."[2] Mal Evans had pushed several demo tapes of the group to each of the individual Beatles and got approval for signing them from Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and John Lennon, who couldn't believe they were recorded on a sound-on-sound 2-track tape recorder. Each ...

25 Responses to “Badfinger Doc 1 of 6”

  1. SLUMBERS2 says:

    AWESOME BAND rip pete & tommy john & george awesome post & great share garyco so sad they where fantastic

  2. rixmix76 says:

    Thanks for posting. I have had the video for years from VHI Behind the scenes. One of my fave bands while in high school. Still cry when I watch this.

  3. 74sodapop says:

    Love Badfinger,No Matter What ,is as good as anything.Awesome

  4. DejaVuSu says:

    nice..J!! 😉

  5. DejaVuSu says:

    great post..thanks for putting this up!! 🙂

  6. solitudeseeker says:

    Amazed to see this. Great, great band. They had such promise, and such an awful ending. This really drives it home. Thanks for posting.

  7. 1ccgrand says:

    Thank you for posting this amazing video. I love Badfinger and can’t seem to read or see enough about them. Tommy and Pete were fantastic artist who left us way to soon.

  8. SteamyPhotoshoot says:

    Thank god this is finally on youtube: THANK YOU

    RIP sweet angels Pete and Tom and Mike!

    – a tasteful contribution from Joey!

  9. str8truthup says:

    And then Joey SMILES!

  10. Hernia901 says:

    When my family and I first saw this in the late 90s, we went to Best Buy the next day and bought their album. This will always be one of my fave episodes of Behind the Music.

  11. angelicb4me says:

    good to see and hear them again…who knows- you tube might rejuvenate their popularity-that would be a kind of sweet justice….

  12. lasange says:

    Thanks for posting this, I’ve been wanting to see if for a while.

  13. js1268 says:

    Indeed! Thank you so much!

  14. robharding1957 says:

    greatneess,in a pac

  15. soundchaser010 says:

    Thanks for posting. One of the best groups ever, and most unlucky, being so naive and falling into the hands of bloody bastard Stan Polley. If he is still alive, I volunteer to beat the living s.h.h.h.h.h.i.t. out of him.

  16. ZeropointZero70 says:

    HA! Joey Molland at 2:31! Priceless. Even the Who didn’t have the balls to be that cheeky on the Smothers Brothers show! Thumbs up to a great band!

  17. TedMcGinley89 says:

    woot, thank you for posting this. Great band!!!

  18. russtyler says:

    The ‘what could/should have been’ with Badfinger is heartbreaking. Beautiful music indeed.

  19. zstardust838 says:

    I LOVE you for posting this!! Have been searching everywhere. 😀

  20. ToySoldier2007 says:

    been waiting for a doc to show up here on youtube…thank goodness…thank you so so so much !

  21. danguitar142 says:

    what colour is tom’s fender jazzmaster at 7:04

  22. keithespin says:

    Thank you so much for posting this, been looking for it. Badfinger is tragic in the Shakespearean sense of the word. What talent, what unrealized potential. Stan Polley will get what he’s got coming to him. To anyone reading this: google Badfinger to the rock and roll hall of fame, and sign the petition to get these guys inducted!

  23. 1969MustangMACH1 says:

    The most underrated group ever.

  24. johnny10301968 says:

    That’s an understatement.

  25. johnny10301968 says:

    I missed the boat with this band too bad their music was never released it’s absolutely timeless.